rob zand

about me

I am profoundly interested in how people use and are affected by technology. Today, I use this interest to design and build omni-channel experiences to engage a brand's audiences at critical points in their customer journey. I am curious, exacting, and efficient.

Over my career, I have fulfilled a desire to continually learn and hone process through a specific set of companies. CompuServe gave me the opportunity to work with cutting edge technology. Razorfish was an industry disruptor with a customer centric model for making technology accessible. ROAR was a pilot agency model within Publicis - a cross-functional team providing an efficient, long-term, “one-stop advertising solution” for a single client. McCann Health gave me the opportunity to establish a new discipline (experience strategy) to fulfill their emergent advertising business needs.

I’ve deliberately exposed myself to different disciplines and industries. As a coder, I watched people use the programs I wrote. As an urban planning student, I studied how real-time information changed how people used the public square. As a user experience professional, I created mobile and desktop experiences then sought immediate feedback from strangers using qualitative and quantitative research methods. As an experience strategist, I translated my B2B financial services experience for use in the pharmaceutical industry.

I’ve created disruptive experiences for many top brands: BMS, Novartis, Janssen, JP Morgan Chase, BOA Merrill Lynch, T. Rowe Price, Oppenheimer Funds, Ford Motor Company, New York Times, A&E Television

I am an accomplished distance runner who has completed over 25 marathons with a personal best of 2:29. I was assistant track and cross-country coach at NYU while in graduate school.